With the advent of new technologies, the way we communicate is also changing. In the early days of history, pigeons were used as a means of communication. Later a written message will be sent by post. Over time the phone appeared and now is the era of wireless communication that gave birth to the cell phone. Cell phones are the latest invention and a common way of communication.

Cell phones are durable, portable and wireless electronic communication devices. A few years ago, when cell phones were less common, devices were expensive and communication was expensive for users. But in recent years, as the use of cell phones has increased, their prices have dropped significantly, and this factor has made them affordable for the average man. Mobile phones are now cheap, easy to use, and convenient, with almost all the features we want.

Mobile phones are the gadgets of choice for everyone today, both adults and young people. Today is a status symbol. Everyone’s hands are equipped with the latest mobile phone models and everyone has a reason to hold this magical gadget in their hands. Every day, new phone models replace the old ones to attract consumers. Interested users, especially the younger generation, are very fond of the latest features on the new phones. People love new ringtones, hello ringtones and wallpapers. With this, MP3 and video recording devices, MMS and Internet devices lure users into the mobile world. Mobile users cannot even imagine their world without a handset. The importance of cell phones can be gleaned from the way people react when asked to take off their phones for a day. Your life has a coma if you leave your phone.

In Japan, cell phone companies immediately notify their customers about earthquakes and other natural disasters. In an emergency, civil protection forces can locate trapped or injured people using signals from their cell phones or the tiny detonators in each cell phone’s battery; An interactive menu accessible via the phone’s internet browser notifies the company when a user is safe or in trouble.

There is no doubt that mobile phones have made life easier and more convenient. Everyone is in touch with family members, friends, and other celebrities. If we want to talk to someone, we don’t have to write a letter and wait days to get the message to the recipient, we just need to pick up the phone, dial the number and start talking. Cell phones are a convenient way to communicate over long distances. Life becomes so easy and fast by holding a cell phone.

Cell phones are very helpful in an emergency. Mobile phones are also known as a rescue tool to help people in an emergency. If you’re stuck in the middle of the road and can’t find anyone to help, you can simply use your phone and ask for help. In addition to the obvious convenience and quick access to emergency assistance, mobile phones, large and small, can be both economical and essential for travelers trying to stay connected.

Since every coin has two sides, phones that offer many advantages also have some disadvantages. Using a cell phone while driving is commonplace. It is widely recognized that using a portable cell phone while driving is a distraction that creates the risk of a traffic accident. Therefore, we need to use a hands-free kit to avoid such dangers.

Recently, little attention has been paid to the potential effect of the electromagnetic field generated by cell phones on the human brain. The data collected shows that microwave radiation from cell phones can cause serious illness and physiological disorders. These include an increased risk of cancer and genetic damage, impaired brain function, and other effects. Radiation and cell phone health issues have been especially addressed after the tremendous increase in the use of wireless cell phones around the world. Therefore, the seal should be kept a reasonable distance from our heads and prolonged use of the mobile phone should be avoided.

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